Welcome to Devotee’s Forum of Barpeta Satra

Located in in Assam, the North-Eastern province of India, Barpeta-Than is a holy site of the Vaishnavite devotees. Sri Sri Madhav Dev, the chief disciple of Srimanta Sankar Dev, the exponent of “ek saran hari nam dharma” established this great pith of Vashnavite religion, and the devotees all over Assam consider it as the Boikuntha the second. Among the three important religious sites i.e. Madhupur(Kochbihar), Barpeta and Kamalabari(upper Assam), Barpeta satra is regarded as the binding for cohesion of these satras (Tinio Rajyar Bandhani Than Barpeta). The religious and cultural tradition of Barpeta Satra is very ancient and diverse. The system of hereditary responsibility of performing Satriya culture to some dynasty and introduction of “Hati” system with responsibility of the same first introduced by Sri Sri Mathuradas Burha Aata enhanced the dimension of Barpeta Satra and has lent it a rare uniqueness.
This website is a humble Endeavour on the part of Devotees Forum of Barpeta Satra to start an open platform to discuss all these aspects. It is very natural that the very first attempt in bringing such a vast area through this new medium to the public domain will not be free from some lacunae. We hope that any such lacuna will be rectified from time to time responding to valuable suggestions put by resourceful members of the public. From time to .Their blessings will be our inspiration.

“Devato tirthato kari bhakatehe bar
Bhakatak bhajile guse karma zara”

( The position of the devotees is higher than that of God and holy places, and when the devotees are served properly, the inertia of daily life is removed.)